Vehicle IOT & Vehicle Control Unit for EV

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Electric Vehicle Control Unit
Vehicle IoT is a device which helps manage and run your vehicle with more safety and smart control features. Esmito Solutions provides one of the most efficient Vehicle IoT devices that can monitor the live GPS location status, Battery SOC, vehicle stand warning, helmet warning, etc. Esmito Solution’s Vehicle IoT also has the provision to geo fence the vehicle in a Closed Area Network. All these smart features ensure efficient management of your Electric Vehicle or Electric Vehicle Fleet with much less hassle.
  • Battery, Motor & Display Cluster Interface
  • Sensors Integration
  • CAN Communication
  • Integrable to GPS (Location Tracking)
  • GPRS / 4G (e-SIM)
  • In-built storage
General Specifications
Interface Basic Advanced
Battery Interface Yes Yes
Motor Controller Interface Yes Yes
Cluster Interface Yes Yes
Ignition Interface Yes Yes
Location Tracker No Yes
Cloud Connectivity No Yes
Geo Fencing No Yes
Integrated App No Yes
Storage No Yes
GPIO: 10, Analog: 3 Yes Yes
Battery backup Optional Yes
DC-DC Converter Optional Optional
LSVBCC for swapping Optional Optional