End-to-End EV Charging Solutions and EV Charging Management Platform

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Public Charging Infrastructure

Esmito offers a dynamic end-to-end EV Charging Management Solution that enables EV Charging Operators to manage and control assets conveniently. Central Management System (CMS) is a cloud-based operator portal with configurable dashboards acting as an interface between Customers, Drivers, and Charging Stations.

Key features include:
  • Battery Performance Analytics
  • Data Analytics & Reports
  • EV Operations & Management
  • Automated payment & Billing functions
  • Web & Mobile apps
  • Effectively integrate with any third-party system
Vehicle Owner
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  • Battery Charge Status
  • Directions & Navigation
  • Search, Reserve & Cancel Charging Spot
  • In-app Payment
  • Historical Records
Charging Station Owner
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  • Intelligent Charging Control
  • Grid Interface
  • Time of the Day Metering
  • Automatic Billing
  • Payment Gateway
Infrastructure Provider
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  • Asset & User Management
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Data Extraction
  • Usage Profiling of Chargers
  • Reports & Analytics